Caithness and Sutherland


Scenery takes centre stage in Caithness and Sutherland right in the far north of Britain. There is something for everyone, with dramatic sea cliffs, expansive beaches of white sand, vast moorlands dotted with watery pools and amazing mountains rising steeply to provide a playground for walkers and climbers. Against this backdrop, the human story of ancient societies, Norse invaders and, more recently, the Highland Clearances has left its mark on the landscape to be discovered by modern-day visitors.

This guide features 40 shorter walks, many of which can be combined with visits to local attractions and craft studios. The chance to watch wildlife, explore castles or stroll on beautiful beaches along the way will appeal to all ages, and many of the walks are ideal for families.

96 pages / 105mm x 148mm / step inside the guide

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Caithness and Sutherland

The remarkable landscapes of Caithness and Sutherland make up the northernmost part of the Scottish mainland. Whilst Highland areas like Loch Lomond, Glencoe and the Cairngorms are familiar to thousands, far fewer make the effort to travel so much further north. Those who do receive their reward: there is no other place that looks anything like this. Apart from the eastern coastal fringe, the defining character of the region is its lack of people. The interior holds vast, empty tracts of moorland and bog with countless lochans. The mountains may be lower than those further south, but they rise abruptly and often in spectacular isolation.


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