Lying between the Kintyre Peninsula and the Ayrshire coast, the Isle of Arran is a wonderful microcosm of the Scottish mainland. With such a diverse landscape, there are walks to suit all aspirations – from rugged expeditions in the northern peaks to pleasant wildlife walks on the quiet beaches that fringe the rolling farmland of the south.

This guide contains 40 of the best walks on the island. Some will occupy you for a few hours, some will take all day and some can be linked together to form wonderful multi-day adventures. The start points for all the walks can be accessed by public transport.

96 pages / 105mm x 148mm / step inside the guide

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The Isle of Arran is often referred to as ‘Scotland in Miniature’, thanks to the Highland Boundary Fault which divides the island into Highland and Lowland landscapes with towering granite peaks in the north and rolling farmland in the south. This geological variety has made Arran a Mecca for geologists who visit the island to study intrusive igneous landforms such as sills and dykes as well as sedimentary and metasedimentary rocks. Palm trees overlooking peaceful sandy bays and coastal caves behind raised beaches offer plenty to tempt those seeking a contrast to the rugged drama of the Northern Hills.


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